Rapper Hollywood Play Killed In-Front Of Club In Queens

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Rapper Hollywood Play Killed In-Front Of Club In Queens

Police are still looking for suspect(s).

Published October 7, 2018

Hip-hop artist Hollywood Play was reportedly murdered outside of a Queens lounge where he was hosting a birthday party early Sunday morning (October 7).

Authorities say 35-year-old Hollywood (real name Frank Snyder) stepped outside of Tavern Lounge on Jamaica Avenue. At around 3:15 a.m., a black sedan pulled up in front of the club and a gunman got out and began firing toward the lounge.

Police reveal Snyder was shot once in the leg and once in the neck. He was rushed to Jamaica Hospital and pronounced dead. It isn’t certain whether Snyder was the intended target of the attack however people on the scene say he definitely was.

“They targeted him,” Tiesajah Reynolds said Sunday morning, per the New York Post. “There was a couple other people outside. I feel like they had to wait for the right moment to get him. I don’t understand, why him? Why come after him? They had to be waiting for him.”

One of Snyder’s best friends, Chedda Boss, says he was shocked over the tragic incident and didn’t understand why he was a target. “When I woke up and saw [on social media] ‘RIP,’ I’m like, no, not my man Frankie. And my first thought was, damn, I hope he didn’t pass away in a car accident,” he said. “I would never have thought he’d gotten shot, because that’s not the kind of life that he lived.”

Police are still searching for a suspect and a motive has not yet been established publicly.

Written by Paul Meara


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