Prayers Up: Bow Wow Posts Video From Hospital Bed With A Tearjerking Message To His Fans

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Prayers Up: Bow Wow Posts Video From Hospital Bed With A Tearjerking Message To His Fans

Mr. Shad Moss landed at an Australian hospital facility while on tour.

Published October 8, 2018

Bow Wow is back in good spirits and good graces with his So So Def family after some tension following a certain Breakfast Club interview.

Unfortunately, he’s not in good health though, which he revealed while on the So So Def 25th Anniversary Tour on one of its overseas stops. His condition wasn’t serious enough for him to cancel his tour, but it was enough to land him in the hospital with a rather uplifting message for his supporters.

  1. On Bow’s Instagram story, he posted a photo expressing that he was ‘sick as f**k’ with tonsillitis

    “But the show must go on!” he wrote. “The things I do for my fans. I was close to cancelling.” The illness, not to be confused with a strep throat, involves the inflammation of the tonsils and causes rather painful symptoms such as difficulty swallowing and soreness on both sides of the throat.

  2. He also posted an update on his status straight from the hospital bed

    Thanking his fans for their support of his new “Broken Heart” record, he expressed that he was at the Australian medical facility presumably for treatment of the tonsillitis. “But what’s getting me through is not only the medication, but the y’alls love and reaction videos to the ‘Broken Heart’ record,” Bow said with gratitude. “Man, that means so much to me, y’all. It really does.”

    Thankfully, his stay at the hospital was only brief. And we’re happy to know that he’ll still be part of the tour despite the minor setback. Keep pushing, Bow!

    See his heartfelt message to fans below.

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)


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