Remy Ma Is Being Dragged To Bloody Hell For Her Thoughts On The N-Word

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Remy Ma Is Being Dragged To Bloody Hell For Her Thoughts On The N-Word

"She can’t naturally be that stupid."

Published October 16, 2018

Revolt’s State of the Culture quartet: Joe Budden, Scottie Beam, Jinx and Remy Ma spark weekly notorious debates among themselves and the "culture." Recently, Offset went off on the former Slaughterhouse emcee, and though Budden cleared the air, Terror Squad femcee finds herself submerged in hot water yet again.

She already got read for filth over her shaming Bill Cosby’s sexual assault victims and defending the convicted rapist. Now, she’s back to defend all non-POC and their use of the n-word. While discussing Hispanic Soundcloud rapper Lil Xan exclaiming the slur during a food court fight, saying, “I’m rich n****," Scottie stated that she's not and never will OK with it, despite the constant debate of white/hispanic people using it.

  1. "Everybody wants to be a n***a until it's time to be n***a. if you have the luxury of not being a black person, then I'm cool off you not using the word," she said.

    Unsure if she's playing devil's advocate or simply stating her actual sentiments, Remy defended her use of the word because she's "brown, from the Bronx and comes from a blended family" of Mexicans and Spanish people. 

    "People pick which words they don’t like. Like b*tch, we don't like that word. H*e, sl*t, throw some p***y in there, sh*t, f**k— these are bad words to say," she continued.

    However, "when it comes to the word n***a or n***er or n****s or however you wanna do it, I usually don't get offended, regardless of what your nationality is, if I feel like you’re not using it as a racial slur. I hear it so frequently from people that are not just Black people," said the "Melanin Magic" rapper. 


  2. Scottie's face summed up how the general consensus feels.
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    While Remy reiterated her point of only "being offended when it's used as a racial slur," Jinx sided with Scottie on the word's usage. "This word isn't like b*tch or p***y, it's one of those words that has such a storied history that someone just might make a decision on you." Rem fired back by saying that it's about "respecting our culture." Scottie inquired about "why can't something just be for us?" Remy curtly said, "that's prejudice." 

  3. Fans went TF off on Twitter firing off rounds at the famed rapper.

Written by Mya Abraham

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