Nicki Minaj To Cardi B: "Tell Your People To Leave Me The F**k Alone"

Nicki Minaj To Cardi B: "Tell Your People To Leave Me The F**k Alone"

She also had a mouthful for Cardi's sister, Hennessy.

Published October 29, 2018

Over the weekend, Cardi B’s sister, Hennessy Carolina, blasted former reality star Rah Ali on social media over the weekend amid rumors that Nicki Minaj leaked Cardi’s phone number, which led to death threats to her daughter, Kulture. It all started when Rah spoke Cardi’s name on her podcast and stated, “Keep playing with you dumb b**ch and Ima RAG YOU like I did your sister.”

The two went for virtual blows for quite some time. Bardi’s sis dubbed Rah a digital bully, “Save that bully shit for IG and pop the f*ck out in real life,” while Rah ruthlessly admitted that she was the one who put the knot on Cardi’s head from their explosive brawl. Hennessy continued to amp her up, “rag me in person b*tch. You b*tches ain't tough. You b*tches do this sh*t for entertainment.”

The “Barbie Dreams” femcee took to the dangerously anticipated Queen Radio on Monday (Oct. 29) to read both the Bronx femcee and her baby sister for filth while also co-signing Rah’s admission. Nicki even offered $100,000 for someone to leak the surveillance footage, because as soon as Rah was through “beating [Cardi’s] ass,” she saw the knot, but allowed her to tell the world it was security. However, “you know damn well you ain’t let a n***a put that knot on your head,” Nicki yelled.

  1. As far as that leaked phone number allegation is concerned...

    "Leaking numbers? What type of bird sh*t you talking about b*tch?" Nicki proclaimed. She continued to say that it's "important" for Cardi and her team to continually make her out to be a bad person. "You want me to control my fans, but you're not controlling your family when they're calling me a crackhead. You're so agitated when my fans defend me, but you allow your people to defame my character."

    In terms of Hennessy's stance, Nicki curtly had this to say: "Your big sister came home and lied to you. Now what?" At the end of the day, the Queen rapper had one main point: "I didn’t leak your number. Stop lying on me... Neither me nor Rah nor Brooke said anything to your sister. Control your sister."

  2. A clearly annoyed Barb inquired, “why are y’all so obsessed with me? What is your problem? Tell your people to leave me the f**k alone.”

    Check out the audio snippets below.

Written by Mya Abraham

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