Philly Rapper RecoHavoc Is The Rap Energy This Generation Of Hip-Hop Needs

Philly Rapper RecoHavoc Is The Rap Energy This Generation Of Hip-Hop Needs

The ‘STARTED’ artist and new Atlantic Records signee talks growth, gains and goals for the Access Granted: HBCU Tour.

PUBLISHED ON : NOVEMBER 2, 2018 / 12:57 PM

Today (Friday, November 2) marks the end of Atlantic Records’ Access Granted: HBCU tour, which journied through 15 (majorly East coast territory) cities and empowered the school spirits of graduation-bound college students everywhere.

It marks only the beginning for the four fresh hip-hop and R&B talents gracing Atlantics newest waves of talent, however, namely Philadelphia rap artist RecoHavoc.

For the STARTED artist, the tour heightened his rap skills onto a larger stage with more faces to captivate and less fear of the unknown. At one point, Reco was bashful about his talents. After seeing how the 21-year-old dips, bops, and twists his way across the stage, energizing and controlling his crowd with far more than just his lyrics, he’s done away with his timidity ever since. Reco’s energy blossoms from not only a place of excitement to be blessed with a tour experience beside his new label family, but also how its translated into his personhood. “I’ve made new friends and most importantly, I’ve learned how to communicate!” he wrote for his tour diary entry. “This was once one of my biggest issues.”

As the Atlantic team wraps up the tour’s final date, the Philly emcee is keeping his spirit alive and mind open for what’s to come now that he’s shoved himself out of his comfort zone and continues to share his talents with the hip-hop world.

"November 2nd, 2018

The tour for me has been mind-blowing, I couldn’t wish for a better experience. I’ve learned a lot so far.

Performing for people in different cities has shown me that no matter who you are, they will feed off the energy you bring. This has also taught me how to really control the crowd. I used to be nervous and uncomfortable around unfamiliar faces, but being on the road has taught me different. 

I’ve made new friends and most importantly, I’ve learned how to communicate! This was once one of my biggest issues. I know there are millions of people going through their own troubles in life and can’t express it. Learning to better communicate helps me express my feelings more often and even make better music.

I’ve also learned how to just be a better person for myself and my family . It’s not like I have time to run the streets and do what I used to do. I’m focused on my personal growth and doing what I love the most.  

It’s still shocking to me that three different people with three different backgrounds are able to live together with no issues for a month. We all have a passion for music and a goal to accomplish so It makes things a little easier for me to get comfortable with all of my tour mates. 

I miss my family that’s in the city, but I’m not home sick! I will continue to keep growing and killing these shows."

  • RecoHavoc

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: @worksoface)


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