SMH: Fans Are Pissed TF Off Over Remy Ma's Disgraceful Comments On R. Kelly

SMH: Fans Are Pissed TF Off Over Remy Ma's Disgraceful Comments On R. Kelly

"Most rapists don't eat your a**."

Published November 2, 2018

Bronx femcee and Terror Squad first lady Remy Ma is plunging deeper and deeper into hot water with her seat on Revolt TV’s “State of the Culture” beside co-hosts Joe Budden, Scottie Beam and Jinx.

After standing on the defense of convicted rapist and disgraced Black television icon Bill Cosby and handing out free “n-word” passes, the internet is storming into an angry mob yet again after her comments on R&B singer, R. Kelly. Uncle Joe opened up the conversation by discussing the recently-announced Lifetime documentary that will chronicle Kelly’s history of sexual abuse and deviancy over the years. Scottie jumped in first, explaining that regardless of whether the Pied Piper is convicted or not, his culture cancellation is long overdue. Jinx took the floor next, expressing his belief that Kelly is a “living monster” and hopes that the documentary will finally bring that actualization to life. Joe pretty much seconded both sentiments.

When the Plato O Plomo femcee grabbed the mic, however, her thoughts on the disgraced Chicago R&B icon and his timeline of sexual abuse churned the internet’s stomach.

  1. ‘OK so, he went to trial for it before,’ Remy began…

     “We had video of him intimate with an underaged girl, we had another video where I don’t think she was underage, but he was like all in her. It didn’t—like, most rapists don’t eat you’re a**. It was crazy because that’s what was going on in that other video.”

    She explained that her stance is placed in a difficult spot because even he gets acquitted, “he’s still banished and still a monster.” After Jinx pointed out that being guilty and being convicted don’t always run parallel, she switched gears a bit by explaining that “we live in a world where women and men do some sick sh** and they be with it.” As far as the reports she’s read on Kelly’s sexual abuse matters, it’s mainly the parents fighting against their young girls who seek out sexual connections with older men. For that, Rem added, she still has to question the credibility of certain “allegations” and be just as certain to use that specific word when discussing these cases as well.

    But after hearing her “State of the Culture” thoughts, fans are questioning Remy’s state of mind and they, too, have one specific word for her in light of the commentary: cancelled. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images, Noam Galai/Getty Images)


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