French Montana Shared A Devastating Realization About The Night Mac Miller Overdosed

French Montana Shared A Devastating Realization About The Night Mac Miller Overdosed

He also recollected a chilling video of one of his last moments with the fallen hip-hop angel.

Published November 6, 2018

The passing of beloved rapper-producer Mac Miller is still a sore spot for hip-hop and many of the fans, friends and family the 26-year-old left behind.

For Bronx rapper French Montana, his death is also a moment of reflection. Put simply, the Coke Boys' founder was one of Mac’s most cherished industry brothers, and one of the few (according to French) who warned him about his dangerous drug habits. French shared with BET’s Raq Rants that if it had only been for him being in the house on that fatal night of September 7, Mac might still be with us today.

  1. He explained that Mac was only doing ‘the same thing every other artist was doing out there’ with regard to the drug habit

    But there were too many yes-men around the Swimming rapper, according to French’s sentiments, who pretty much allowed him to do whatever he wanted. The “Unforgettable” rapper recollected the moment he shared with social media in the wake of Mac’s passing where French is seen adamantly warning Mac that his purple drank concoction was too much for him to bear. “Listen to me,” French tells him. “I’m your brother—this right here…you’re going to miss a couple of shows.”

  2. In the video, Mac also discusses his drug dependency, expressing his misery in sobriety
  3. Looking back, French believes his influence might have saved his young bro. “Because if I did it that night,” he explained, “if I was around him a couple more nights, I would have made him stop. But he ain’t have nobody that was doing that.”

    Listen to his full sentiments in the clip below and catch Raq Rants tonight at 11 p.m. EST on BET.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Roy Rochlin/Getty Images, Ray Tamarra/GC Images)


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