Tyrese Issues Scorching Response To A Fan Who's Allegedly Stalking Him

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 06:  Tyrese Gibson promotes the film 'The Fate of the Furious' at Apple Store Soho on April 6, 2017 in New York City.  (Photo by Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)

Tyrese Issues Scorching Response To A Fan Who's Allegedly Stalking Him

"If you make yourself available... things happen."

Published November 7, 2018

Between his alleged Black Rose flop, the ongoing court issues with his ex-wife, Norma, and his rumored financial mishaps, Tyrese hasn’t had it easy in quite some time. He also spent a few weeks at war with his Fast & Furious co-starThe Rock. The R&B crooner welcomed a daughter with his wife, Samantha, back in October, and weeks after, demanded receipts from Norma in order for him to cough up his portion of childcare expenses for their 11-year-old daughter, Shayla.

  1. Now, there’s another person jumping down his throat, but he’s fully prepared to go to war.

    Back in 2009, amid his divorce, he spoke up about his stalker, “Patricia,” who tweeted, “now that your wife is finally out of the picture Daddy, it's my turn.” Tyrese said, “if you make yourself available, and people feel like they get to know you, people catch feelings and things happen.” Despite attempting to solve the issue himself, it quickly became a legal one, and even he labeled her as “loony tunes.”

    Presumably on a recent Instagram post, a fan under the handle "michelle22020," penned an eerie comment about the "Sweet Lady" singer's alleged move from Atlanta to Los Angeles. She wrote, "Tyrese is moving back to LA full time... there's nothing left in Atlanta for him. Come back home Tyrese. We miss you. I miss our late night walks and talks.... It's time to come home sweet face." 

  2. Firing back, he wrote, "you are a f**king stalker. I want you to know the FBI been tracking you..."

    He continued, "we have your address... you've created 15+ accounts. Your days are numbered. You're f**king nuts... your whole world is about to cave in, you f**king clown."

    Sheesh. As a husband and father with a newborn, the need for privacy is at an all-time high. Do what you need to do to protect you and yours. Read his full statement below.

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Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Daniel Zuchnik/WireImage)


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