Actually, That 'Suicide Attempt' T.I. Saved This Singer From Isn't What You Think It Is...

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Actually, That 'Suicide Attempt' T.I. Saved This Singer From Isn't What You Think It Is...

Salute the king.

Published November 8, 2018

For VH1's Big Morning Buzz Live, Atlanta rap star T.I. discussed that one incident back in 2006 when he set aside his self-dubbed King Of The South crown and threw on his good Samaritan hat for Creed rock group leader, Scott Stapp.

By his account, him and a friend were out on a hotel balcony when they discovered an incapacitated Stapp groaning in pain from the balcony above them. With no questions asked, Tip rushed to save him in what presumably appeared to be a suicide attempt. Though the “One Last Breath” vocalist shared that Tip did, indeed, come to his rescue, there was one hole in the story he recently clarified with TMZ.

  1. Stapp explained that, actually, it wasn’t a suicide attempt Tip rescued him from

    When the TMZ reporter claimed Tip said he found Stapp in a difficult situation and sort of “talked” him down off the balcony, the Creed member stopped him there. “That’s not accurate,” he said. “I had an accident, and I was injured, and he found me injured, and he called an ambulance.”

  2. However, he does praise the ‘Dime Trap’ rapper for saving his life that day with the helping hand he did reach out to him

    “He definitely was critical in getting me the help that I needed after I was injured, yeah,” he said. After the incident, Stapp said he’d only briefly spoken with Tip and gave each other a hug. “He’s a good dude, man,” he concluded on the topic. “He’s got a good heart, man, and he does good things, man. I love him.”

    Kudos, Tip!

    See Stapp’s explanation below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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