You'll Never Guess Why Bobby Brown Stole From Jamie Foxx Over Whitney Houston

You'll Never Guess Why Bobby Brown Stole From Jamie Foxx Over Whitney Houston

However, fans are dragging him for this outrageous reason.

Published November 13, 2018

One of Hollywood's few triple-threats Jamie Foxx is also known for his incredibly outlandish stories. His parties are legendary and his comedic timing is impeccable. The Unpredictable crooner took to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show where he's low key already a regular. He previously killed two of Fallon's famed games: "Wheels of Musical Impressions" and the "Musical Genre Challenge."

However, Foxx took a break from flaunting his musical talents to share a story about one of his infamous karaoke when R&B's most notorious couple, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown showed TF out.

  1. As the New Edition bad-boy forgets the words to one of his hits, Foxx remembers hearing Whitney say, "I get a million dollars to sing this..."

    Back in the days of answering machines and camcorders, attendees eagerly gathered around the iconic songstress as she sang out "I Will Always Love You." The Django star recorded it for himself as well. Who would want to miss a moment like that? A few hours later, Bobby returns and demands the tape. As Foxx claimed he no longer had the tape, the "My Prerogative" crooner simply stated, "Well, I gotta take something" and proceeded to raid Foxx's closet.

    Weeks later, amid seeing his threads on the cover of People, Foxx laughed off Bobby's petty larceny. To make this narrative even better, the comedian admitted that he still has the tape locked away in his safety deposit box.

  2. Aside from this savage tale, some fans had a field day trolling Jamie's obviously fake beard...
  3. Peep the soulful actor's hairy addiction and his full reflection below.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Victor Malafronte/Getty Images, Paras Griffin/VMN18/Getty Images for BET)


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