The Internet Is Shaking Its Head In Shame At Stevie J's Latest Remark About Biggie

The Internet Is Shaking Its Head In Shame At Stevie J's Latest Remark About Biggie

Well...does he have a point?

Published November 20, 2018

Bad Boy Records OGs Stevie J and Faith Evans are still going strong in their now-four-month nuptials after secretly exchanging “I Dos” in Las Vegas over the summer of 2018.

The couple unapologetically flexed and flaunted their matrimony all over the public (and all over their bodies, too) despite fans (and reported family members) scrunching their noses up at the news. Aside from the marriage seemingly springing up from left field, the biggest chip on fans' shoulders over the Mr. and Mrs. Jordan union is the question of loyalty to the late Notorious B.I.G.: Faith’s ex-husband and Stevie’s brother-in-Bad-Boy. Fans believe Biggie would be rolling in his grave upon the news of one of his closest industry friends sliding a ring on one of his first industry loves.  

But let the Jordans tell it, the fallen hip-hop legend would actually give his blessing, not blame, to the new relationship.

  1. On the upcoming episode of BET’s Raq Rants, Stevie answered Raquel Harper’s question as to how Big might feel about the controversial union

    “I mean, listen, it’s 20-something years later,” he responded. “I’m sure he’d be happy that she’s happy. He’d be doing his thing, you know what I’m saying?”

    Faith seconded those sentiments as Stevie explained that their priorities now are each other and their 10 children, which they both share respectively between the marriage.

  2. As far as the R&B songstress is concerned, the controversy would be more understandable if it were someone else close to Biggie that she jumped the broom with

    Take Biggie’s mentee and younger cousin Lil Cease or any of the other Junior M.A.F.I.A. emcees for examples, she said. Not to mention, Faith added, she had a “whole ‘nother 14-year marriage” with Todd Russaw between Big and Stevie.

    No biggie then, right?

    Watch the Jordans address the controversy in the clip along with how fans felt about their logic below.


  3. Don't forget to tune in to the official episode for BET’s Raq Rants on Tuesday (November 20) at 11 p.m. EST.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET, Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)


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