Cam’ron Is Scorching TF Out Of Kanye West In New Dipset Album…

Cam’ron Is Scorching TF Out Of Kanye West In New Dipset Album…

"Uncle Tom n***a know nothin' 'bout this...:"

Published November 23, 2018

Kanye West's lengthy list of friends-turned-foes just got longer.

Despite their history of working together— "Dead or Alive," “Un Casa” from Diplomatic Immunity, and "Dip-Set Forever" on Purple Haze— Cam'ron, unofficial leader of legendary hip-hop group, Dipset, went full savage mode on the Chicago native during the first track of the group's reunion album. On "Intro: Stay Down," Killa Cam bodied his former labelmate. 

He urged Roc-A-Fella icon, Dame Dash to heed his warning about Ye not having his best interest at heart. Proclaiming, "Dame Dash my man, he shootin' then I'm buckin' with him/They shootin' at us? Sh*t, I'm duckin' with him..."

  1. Ending with, "But I had to be firm and tell him/That Kanye only f**k wit'chu when no one else is f**kin' with him..."

    However, he wasn't even come to being finished. Cam downplayed the GOOD Music founder's mental illness and even dubbed him an "Uncle Tom n***a." This isn't the first time Cam read Ye for filth. 2017's "Coleshaw" dragged the "Good Life" emcee, amid his lengthy rant about Jay-Z. 

    Despite the internet being torn about the surprise diss, it'd be interesting to see if and how Kanye will respond. Stream the full track below.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/WireImage, Ron Sachs/Consolidated News Pictures/Getty Images)


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