Lil Boosie On Bill Cosby: "It's Hard For Me To Believe These Celebrities Have To Take P***y"

Lil Boosie On Bill Cosby: "It's Hard For Me To Believe These Celebrities Have To Take P***y"

Whew, chile...

Published November 28, 2018

Boosie Badazz has his fair share of jaw-dropping comments that's had the internet ready to cancel him for good. Let's not forget him offering sex as a birthday gift for his 14-year-old son, and him downplaying the victims behind Bill Cosby, R. Kelly and Usher's sexual allegations. Now, the Baton Rouge native still can't wrap his head around the salacious misconduct of Bill Cosby.

This past Tuesday (Nov. 27), Boosie sat with Raquel Harper of Raq Rants to "clarify" his stance on the Cosby crimes. "Bill Cosby got me confused," he began. "I'm not saying free Bill Cosby. I said that celebrities is not taking p***y. I done been at hotels with every celebrity you can think of."

  1. He continued, "women are lined up at the door to have sexual relations with celebrities..."

    "So it’s hard for me to believe that these celebrities have to take p***y [...] They got some f**ked up people in this world, but you gotta think why they ain't been said nothing. I be feeling like if women don't say that from the jump they was hoping for something." Jumping to the victims' defense, Harper stated, "nobody's hoping to get raped."

    In an effort to remove the foot from his mouth, the “Wipe Me Down" emcee continued, "I’m talking about a relationship. Women be hoping to be Mrs. Cosby. Women be hoping to be #1 and they will keep silent until they figure they won't be #1."

  2. The internet surely gave him a mouthful over his bold claim...

    Yikes... not a good look. Check out the full snippet from Raq Rants below.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photos from left: Thaddaeus McAdams/WireImage, Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images for Meet The Press)


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