Find Out How Travis Scott Responded To The Man Who Staged That Photo Of Him 'Cheating'

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Find Out How Travis Scott Responded To The Man Who Staged That Photo Of Him 'Cheating'

Try again, sir.

Published December 6, 2018

It’s no secret that Houston bred emcee Travis Scott is completely smitten with his “wife,” Kylie Jenner, and daughter, Stormi. The 26-year-old is currently on tour for his latest album, ASTROWORLD. Yet, it seems he simply can’t secure his bag and be with his girls. This past Tuesday (Dec. 4), a photo of what appeared to be La Flame “cheating” on his billionaire girlfriend went viral. Since cheating is an unfortunate occurrence in the music industry, many were quick to shrug it off as if to say, “I told you so.” However, the rapper promptly slammed the accusations and went on a mission to clear his good name.

  1. “Trolls always wanna create some fake sh** to destroy real love,” he penned in an Instagram statement

    It looks like he was absolutely right. An internet troll named Christian Adam decided to fool the internet by staging the photo similar to a prank pulled by Yes Theory. Yes Theory doctored up a “photo” of Justin Bieber eating a burrito "wrong" and sent the internet into a frenzy. However, Christian’s approach was far more malicious than he allegedly intended.

    He even went as far as to use TMZ’s signature photo trademark over the picture to make it appear more believable. Last night, Christian posted a 17-minute long video detailing his plot in full and stated, “the video was NOT made with the intent to ruin somebody’s relationship or family.” It was “a social experiment.”

    Despite the aim, Kim Kardashian West, Kylie and especially Travis all think he took the joke way too far. Kylie seemed annoyed, but is remaining positive because her “relationship is strong,” but things could’ve went left real quick.

  2. Travis Scott had a classic response: “shaking my f**king head”
    (Photo via Instagram)
  3. If you're so intrigued, you can watch the full scheme unfold below

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Paras Griffin/BET/Getty Images for BET Networks)


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