Tank Has Passionate Thoughts About Kevin Hart's Homophobic Tweet Controversy...

Tank Has Passionate Thoughts About Kevin Hart's Homophobic Tweet Controversy...

"I'm at a loss for words really..."

Published December 7th

The homophobic tweet controversy surrounding comedy star and now-former host chair of the 90th Academy Awards Kevin Hart is boiling hotter and hotter after his latest announcement that threw fans for a curve ball.

The “Night School” actor took to Instagram to announce that not only would he opt out of an apology for the nearly 8-year-old tweets but would also be resigning from the hosting position. Outrage from both ends of the discord chimed in afterward, as some lifted Kev in support for the decision, while others urged the apology. One of his defenders, R&B vocalist Tank, joined the conversation with a new outlook on the situation along with a mouthful for humanity and hypocrisy.

  1. Tank started off with a testament for the man he’s always known Kevin to be

    “Before this becomes about race lets just start with humanity,” he wrote on Instagram. Tank explained it all beneath a tweet where he questioned Donald Trump’s right to remain in the White House given his malevolent history as it relates to the outrage behind Kevin’s ultimatum to apologize or step down for the Oscar’s host platform. “[Kevin Hart] is what I would call a good human being! He’s been that way since DAY 1!”

    He emphasized Kev’s initial apology and decision to move on as well, begging another question about who are singling out the Philly-bred Hollywood star. “There are so many shady individuals in this business who deserve this kind of treatment but Kev?” he wrote. “Come on man.”

  2. The ‘Please Don’t Go’ singer is one of many who has not left Kevin’s side in the midst of the controversy either…

    He directly addressed the board over at the Academy Awards next. “This is not fair and it is not just,” he continued. “I’m at a loss for words really but I had to say something because I know my guys hands are tied. Tank applauded Kev for continuing to take “the high road and trying to do the right thing” too, even as the public continues hurling stones his way.

    “Like I said A GOOD HUMAN BEING!,” he concluded. “..I stand by these words!”

  3. Well, folks…does he have a point there?


Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Prince Williams/Getty Images, Ethan Miller/Getty Images for CinemaCon)


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