Bow Wow Has The Pettiest Response To Lil Mama's Threats To “Smack The S**t” Out Of Him

Bow Wow Has The Pettiest Response To Lil Mama's Threats To “Smack The S**t” Out Of Him


Published December 10, 2018

Self-proclaimed “Voice of the Young People,” Lil Mama read Bow Wow for filth this past Saturday (December 8) and with good reason. In a series of since-deleted Instagram posts, the New York femcee stated that Bow has made several insinuations that she’s down to f**k and Lil Mama isn’t here for the salacious accusations. She also said the “Puppy Love” emcee made it appear that a trip to New York was more pleasure than business. Her goal was to “bring him around some real ni**as [because] you wanna commit suicide one day. You going crazy here and there. I come from a grounded that I was tryna bring you to.”

  1. “You are far from the type of man I could ever see myself being with, sleeping with,” the ‘CrazySexyCool’ actress continued

    Upon closing out her eloquent drag, it was brought to her attention that Bow’s girlfriend alluded to “beating her ass,” and Lil Mama had a classic clapback. “Before we even start talking about a female beating my ass, let’s just be clear that I will smack the sh*t out of YOU. Period.”

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  2. In an attempt to remain unbothered, the former SoSoDef rapper inquired, “how are you beefing with your own self?”

    The "Price of Fame" rapper, then, followed up his shady response to say that next year, he won’t be addressing nobody, in regards to “this internet sh*t.” They’ll simply be “talking to a wall,” but in the meantime, he ended his sentiments with the iconic meme of his “twin” with every intention to be petty until we ring in 2019.

Written by Mya Abraham

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