The Barbz Are Having A Breakdown Over This Nicki Minaj Tweet

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The Barbz Are Having A Breakdown Over This Nicki Minaj Tweet

What's the tea, sis?

Published December 12, 2018

TMZ may be reporting that wedding bells and baby carriages are in Nicki Minaj’s impending future within her blossoming romance, but from Barbie’s own mouth— digital mouth, that is— things might not be as they’ve appeared. In spite of Nicki and her alleged boyfriend, Kenneth Petty boo’d up across her Instagram, fans might need to pump the brakes on those wedding conversations. Just as the Queens-bred femcee was getting savagely dragged across the virtual abyss, she penned a tweet that sent her Barbz into a state of emergency.

  1. "You NEED your ops. Therefore you’ll never be the man," the "Chun-Li" rapper began

    Nicki continued her read, "You’re a son. A man stands on his own." 

  2. Her cult-following were shooketh and flooded her mentions with theories about the subtweet...

    Some didn't immediately presume the tweet was about her new man, but rather it's an angry tweet regarding the Daily Mail reporter she's threatening to sue over defamation.

    Sis, when you're ready to spill, we'll be here waiting.

Written by Mya Abraham

(Photo: Rick Kern/WireImage)


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