Trick Daddy Steps To Ebro In Defense Of Kodak Black: "I Want Smoke B*tch Ass N**ga"

Trick Daddy Steps To Ebro In Defense Of Kodak Black: "I Want Smoke B*tch Ass N**ga"

"If nobody gonna step up, I'm gon' step up n**ga..."

PUBLISHED ON : DECEMBER 13, 2018 / 02:03 PM

This past Wednesday (Dec. 12), Broward County-bred rapper Kodak Black stormed out of an interview with New York radio host Ebro Darden during his morning show. While promoting his forthcoming album, Dying to Live, the Florida native began the 17-minute interview by discussing his criminal past. “Prison my next-door neighbor,” he said as he recounted stories of his legal issues since the tender age of 14. After majority of the interview was spent praising Kodak's “overnight success,” Ebro brought the rapper’s pending sexual assault case. Both parties being unable to divulge about an open investigation, the radio host offered Kodak a chance to come back at a later date to “have a deeper [and necessary] conversation about that.”

Kodak immediately became silenced and, evidently, uneasy. The “Tunnel Vision” emcee stated, “I feel like sometimes when ni**as be going through sh*t, y’all be entertained by bullsh*t. So, it’s like change the subject or ima walk out.” He did just that.

  1. Ebro took to Twitter to defend a viral snippet from the “awkward” interview

    While many flooded Twitter in solidarity for holding the rapper accountable, a slew of others dragged Ebro.

  2. Today, Miami's own Trick Daddy has his foot on Ebro's neck for "coming for [his] lil n**ga"

    "Man, what's up with you police ass ni**as? Let me tell you radio ni**as something," he began. The tirade was nothing but smoke. "Y'all gettin' outta line. Ebro, you disrespected the homie. You tried a young ni**a. Kodak, my lil ni**a. If nobody gonna step up, I'm gon' step up ni**a..."

  3. Trick seemingly began to recite the Lord's prayer...

    "You supposed to be a ni**a that's supposed to lead these ni**as not into temptation," he stated. The "In Da Wind" emcee continued, "you 'posed to put these ni**as under your wing and teach the right from wrong, but yo b*tchass, you tryna be a fake ass Charlamagne [Tha God.]" Upon more verbal insults, Trick asked Ebro to "stop bringin up sh*t you know the lil homie cannot talk about on the radio.... don't disrespect no ni**a from 'round my way unless you want smoke. Matter of fact, I want smoke, b*tch ass ni**a."

  4. Despite the merciless uproar, Ebro has more than enough support by his side
  5. Whew... peep Trick Daddy's full sentiments below

Written by Mya Abraham

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