50 Cent Is Roasting TF Out Of This Female Rapper After She Busted Her A** On Camera

<<enter caption here>> at Invite Only on June 3, 2016 in New York City.

50 Cent Is Roasting TF Out Of This Female Rapper After She Busted Her A** On Camera

LMAO, the hip-hop bully strikes again.

Published December 18, 2018

50 Cent’s industry and social media trolling knows no boundaries, no limitations, and no friends either.

That became a hard (but hilarious) lesson for former Bad Girls Clubber-turned-Bronx rap hopeful Dreamdoll, who took an even harder fall in a pair of Balenciaga’s chunky rubber sandals. There were only a few people who witnessed the moment when she appeared to slip and lose her balance, stumbling onto the floor with a hilarious outburst of laughter. But thanks to Fif’s office security cameras, the entire world of social media also knows about it now. 

  1. The ‘Life in Plastic 2’ rapper shared a clip from the video with her followers

    The audio-less footage shows her walking away with objects in her arms before her feet slip up and send her legs twisting her down onto the ground.  “So I was the laughing stock in @50cent office today they really went and got this clip off the camera,” she wrote in the caption of the video. Oh, and she’ll need Balenciaga to answer to this one.

  2. Of course, Fif had to get the jokes from the situation out of his system too

    For his Instagram post, however, he put the pink Balenciaga sandals on full display as an example of what not to buy from the luxury fashion brand. “These shoes are a no go they almost killed Dreamdoll today,” the post reads. “Yo she bust her a** wearing them joint,” he continued in the caption. “LOL Balenciaga can keep this sh**.”

  3. Along with his raw footage of Dream doing the 'cute booty walk'
  4. Dreamdoll’s not alone, either

    Well, so far as an embarrassing tumble goes. Sharing a recently viral video, 50 reposted the woman who took a far more painful fall than Dream’s while attempting to catwalk in a store with a sky-high pair of red stilettos.

    Prayers up for everyone’s ankles this winter.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Shareif Ziyadat/Getty Images)


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