K. Michelle Revealed The Most X-Rated Details About Her Former Relationship With Idris Elba

K. Michelle Revealed The Most X-Rated Details About Her Former Relationship With Idris Elba

"Cause he was like a f**king drug dealer and DJ, hood a** Memphis n**ga..."

Published December 18th

Memphis singer-songwriter K. Michelle bares it all in her R&B element, as vocalized throughout her entire discography, and most notably, in her recent Kimberly: The People I Used To Know album.

For BET’s Raq Rants, she laid out even more regarding her relationships with Hollywood’s handsomest, Idris Elba, whom she shared an eight-month relationship in 2014. K explained that despite their breakup, the silver screen star inspired much of her career to this day, including her recent project and her business savvy. He also inspired some new experiences between-the-sheets, which she openly shared with Raquel Harper for the show.

  1. ‘That was the whole album girl,’ she said of the 2017 project when asked about Idris

    “That was the one person who I learned the most from about business. 'Cause he was like a f**king drug dealer and DJ, and he’s a hood a** Memphis n**ga for real with an accent...behind closed doors.”

    Harper used her latter statement to segue into something else that went on behind the closed doors of Kim and Idris during their time dating.

  2. ‘You said that behind closed doors that he ate the box…something, what’d you say?’ she asked

    As K’s memory serves her, he was skilled in that too. “He’s great. He was very passionate. That was so good.” Back in August, K had also shared some private details about Idris regarding their breakup. Fortunately, it was a mutual decision, and the two kept it as least-messy as possible in the public eye. This was also where she first revealed Idris’s cunnilingus secret that Harper referred to. “That wasn’t supposed to be my man,” she shared with Hollywood Unlocked. Out of every relationship I’ve been in or [men] I’ve dated, I learned the most from him. It wasn’t volatile or angry. He didn’t bring out [me] cursing him out. He was a gentleman…[and gave] amazing head, I remember that.”

  3. Well alright then, K! Tell us how you really feel.

    Tune in to Raq Rants on BET tonight (Decemeber 18) at 11 p.m. EST (8 p.m. PST) for more juicy dishings from K. Michelle as well.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Leon Bennett/Getty Images for BET, Mike Marsland/WireImage)


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