Two Beyoncé Albums Leaked Online, And The Internet Is Crashing And Burning

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Two Beyoncé Albums Leaked Online, And The Internet Is Crashing And Burning

"Whew chile, the lawsuit..."

Published December 21, 2018

In one of the most extraordinary hacking violations the internet’s ever witnessed, one (unlucky, at least once that lawsuit rolls around) digital trespasser got their hands on 20 tracks worth of Beyoncé music—unreleased, unheard Beyoncé music.

The hacker quietly slid the tracks onto streaming services beneath a “Queen Carter” artist alias on Thursday night (December 21). Organized into two 10-song albums named Have Your Way and Back Up, Rewind, most BeyHivers just assumed that the Queen Bey was bringing Christmas early and giving everyone at least one reason to remember 2018 in its glory before the new year. Not to mention, the eponymous “Queen Carter” artist name on the projects wasn’t the most incognito name Bey could have came up with. Except, she actually didn’t come up with it at all—nor what fans thought was a repeat to her 2013 surprise album drop move. After the tracks were snatched off-line, it became clear that the songs were, in fact, unauthorized leaks. They also appear to be dug up from some of Bey’s early 2000 studio sessions, as BeyHivers who did get a chance to hear some of the tracks noticed.

The leak would also make the second reported one to happen that day, after TDE’s neo-soulstress beauty SZA also fell victim to a hacking situation. Songs from 2015 dropped in what fans similarly thought was a new surprise album, which TDE president Punch shut down with the quickness.

Bey nor any reps from her team have not yet addressed the 20-track leak just yet. But BeyHive Twitter did all over the night’s “Queen Carter” trending topic, and they exhibited the least amount of chill we’ve seen all year.

See how they handled Queen Carter-gate below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: John Lamparski/WireImage)


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