Drake's Instagram DM Got Leaked, And Fans Can't Believe What They Just Read...

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Drake's Instagram DM Got Leaked, And Fans Can't Believe What They Just Read...

"Suck your mom you f**king goof..."

Published December 21, 2018

Despite becoming hip-hop's top hatchet-burier in 2018, there's still a few people that have Drake in their cross hairs.

One artist who's claiming his status is on the rise (and goes by the name KG) happens to be one of those people. His apparently silent war with the Champagne Papi got louder on Thursday (December 20) after the rapper accused Drizzy of side-stepping and blackballing him for another Toronto rap star, Smiley

And boy, did Drizzy have time that day...

  1. 'You're a p**sy and Smiley is trash'

    KG wrote in a screenshot of his heated exchange with Drizzy. According to his words, he by no means needs a Drake co-sign for his industry breakthrough. But giving credit where it's not due (presumably to Smiley, he feels) makes Drake nothing more than a "f**king waste yute." 

  2. While you probably wouldn't expect Drizzy to respond to the shenanigans...

    He did, and with a clapback that even sunk our jaws to the ground. "Smiley eating your food in the city along with like 10 other n**gas,"  he wrote back. "You can't chef a good song if your life depended on it suck your mom you f**king goof."

    While we're more than happy to know he's keeping olive branches out the front door on his industry territory, um, are things OK back at home, Drizzy? See the full exchange from KG's Instagram story below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Harmony Gerber/Getty Images)


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