Tamar Braxton’s Now-Deleted R. Kelly Comments Got Her Dragged To Twitter Hell

Tamar Braxton’s Now-Deleted R. Kelly Comments Got Her Dragged To Twitter Hell

"Then so quick to nail Rob to the cross!"

Published January 4, 2019

The entire internet world flipped their TVs and streams onto Lifetime yesterday for the bombshell docu-series Surviving R. Kelly, which ripped back the curtain on the Chicago-raised and shamed R&B singer, the trivialization and silencing of his victims, and all of the disgusting deviancies in-between.

Tamar Braxton was one of the those who tuned in to the first two episodes of the three-night, six-part series while also tweeting into the conversation on Twitter. But after a few folks from the Twitterverse caught wind of her sentiments regarding Kelly’s enablers and his history as a child with sexual abuse, they might be hitting mute on Tamar’s tweets right along with the #MuteRKelly movement from here on out.

  1. In the now-deleted tweet, Tamar blew the whistle on Kelly’s crew and entourage, who were revealed to have helped him recruit underage girls

    “Yeah he did that BS but the rest of Y’all punk a**es did the WORK 4him 4yo f**kin benefit!” she expressed. “Everyone stood back & watched & did NOTHING! Then so quick to nail Rob 2the cross!” According to her, they’re all just as guilty, and Kelly’s behavior was a reaction to the sexual abuse he suffered as a child. She concluded her scorn with “NoneedTBshame.com.”

  2. The tweet left a horrible taste in her followers’ mouths, however

    And after deleting the tweet, Tamar further clarified the meaning of her statement. “This is why I deleted it,” she explained. “Because not ONE OUNCE of me agrees with what he has done. As a survivor, I have learned that you can’t acknowledge one abuse without the other. It’s all f**ked up!!” To her point, she further elaborated, those who spoke on Kelly’s twisted teen recruitment games but also had a hand in them were the targets of her deleted tweet. “Oh, & noneedTBshame is my charity for victims of domestic sexual abuse,” she added on the website she included from the message. “Not saying he shouldn’t be shame for his actions. #carryon.”

  3. In an unexpected change of hearts, she later expressed her regret for watching the documentary at all

    As she revealed prior, Tamar is a survivor of sexual crimes herself. Thus, “sometimes when you are not fully healed (u never will be) u shouldn’t watch certain things,” she said. Like other survivors, she was unaware how the impact of the stories would conjure up some emotions of her own. “Now I’m ANGRY AF, with Everyone!I wish i didn’t watch the r.Kelly doc. I won’t be watching it anymore. It’s TEW much."

  4. But despite clearing up her previous sentiments, the internet still had their war of words for the ‘Love & War’ singer…

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Raymond Hall/GC Images, Johnny Nunez/WireImage)


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