Bun B On R. Kelly: “I Know It’s All True And So Do You”

Bun B On R. Kelly: “I Know It’s All True And So Do You”

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Published January 8th

In light of the revelatory docu-series Surviving R. Kelly, a host of celebrities have finally been brave enough to speak up against Chicago-bred singer-producer R. Kelly. While many powerful voices within the culture have remained silent, we're thankful for those continuing to "mute" Robert. Among those who deserved a standing ovation, rap legend Bun B's statement on Instagram definitely needed to be heard. 

The UGK phenom wrote, "f**k R. Kelly, Hugh Hefner, Sparkle, [Andrea] and anybody else being used as an excuse to take away the fact that he was f**king kids." It's no secret that Black men get "f**ked over by the system" daily and society loves to "drag black men" to promote negative stereotypes. However, this isn't the case with Robert or Bill Cosby

  1. "Save your anger for the real victims of injustice," he continued

    Bun also clarified that he wasn't "belittling" Sparkle or Andrea Kelly's stories, but rather he simply wanted people to stop making excuses in attempt to sway us from the bigger picture.

  2. Fans praised Bun for speaking nothing but facts
  3. Peep his full sentiments below.

Written by Mya Abraham

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