Boosie BadAzz On Michael Jackson Documentary: 'Keep That Same Energy Y'all Had For R. Kelly''

Boosie BadAzz On Michael Jackson Documentary: 'Keep That Same Energy Y'all Had For R. Kelly''

The Baton Rouge rap star's comments are super-NSFW.

Published January 11, 2019

Baton Rouge rap star Lil Boosie has just one message for all of shamed R&B singer R. Kelly’s critics and the late King of Michael Jackson’s Moonwalkers: keep that same energy.

The Ghetto Stories rapper took to Instagram for the reminder in light of the exposé-driven Survivng R. Kelly controversy, in which Lifetime’s tell-all documentary on the life, times and sexually deviant crimes of the Chicago crooner were thrusted to the forefront of pop culture at the top of 2019. Now that a new Sundance film is in the works to spotlight MJ’s alleged years-long sex abuse against children, Boosie is on standing on the opposite end of Michael’s estate, who have already publicly denounced the movie.

  1. ‘Let’s see what the world has to say this time,’ Boosie wrote on a repost of Baller Alert’s coverage for the documentary

    According to reports, MJ’s estate spoke against the Sundance Film Festival-slated Leaving Neverland project. The film will reportedly chronicle the stories of two men who met MJ at the ages of 7 and 10, sharing their stories of victimization at the hands of his alleged sexual abuse and manipulation.

    In a statement obtained by PEOPLE, representatives of MJ’s estate called the production “lurid” and “an outrageous and pathetic attempt to exploit and cash in on Michael Jackson.” Despite the statement also mentioning that the two men featured in the film, Wade Robson and James Safechuck, testified under oath that the alleged sexual abuse never occurred, Boosie isn’t hearing any of it.

  2. ‘Keep that same energy y’all had for R. Kelly when these kids talk about how they got f**ked,’ he wrote on the post

    We guess it’s safe to say he may be tuning in on the Leaving Neverland project.

    Read his thoughts on the matter below. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

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