Ice Cube Accused Harvey Weinstein Of Something That Will Piss Hip-Hop Fans Off Everywhere...

Ice Cube Accused Harvey Weinstein Of Something That Will Piss Hip-Hop Fans Off Everywhere...

The disgraced film producer apparently has more secrets in his closet.

Published January 11, 2019

Compton rap star and film star Ice Cube has not only dropped off a discography full of hip-hop gems throughout his industry tenure, but also a golden reel of blockbuster hits too, like the 2009 Janky Promoters comedy film.

As one of Black Hollywood’s most celebrated dynamic duos, Ice Cube teamed up with Mike Epps for the film, which also features one of trap music’s founding fathers, Young Jeezy. But while the film brings forth knee slaps and good laughs for fans, it brings back some touchy memories from Cube, which he revealed to a praising fan on Twitter.

  1. According to the NWA icon, accused sexual predator Harvey Weinstein is responsible for the ‘bitter-sweet’ recollection

    A fan lauded Janky Promoters as the funniest underrated movie before Cube explained how Weinstein sabotaged the project. “We never had a chance to finish or promote ‘Janky Promoters,’” he wrote. “Harvey Weinstein and his brother put this movie out on DVD behind our backs before we could finish the film.”

  2. Apparently, the Weinstein brothers wrapped up the film in secrecy, he continued…

    In a 2010 interview, Cube was a little more savage in his explanation about the film’s release. “The Weinsteins f**ked me,” he said. “Yeah, basically, they f**ked me. They was runnin’ through financial problems, so they couldn’t put the movie out on wide release.” They apparently told Cube that they could shop the movie to another distributor, give them their money back and move forward with a wider big screen release. But before they even got a chance, the Weinsteins already ripped the film to DVDs as Cube and his team were working to close out on a deal. Understandably, Cube was livid and “went through the roof,” he recalled in the interview, naming it “the shadiest sh** that’s ever happened to [him] in the movie business.”  

    Talk about janky.

  3. Read his full explanation for why Janky Promoters isn’t one of his fondest memories below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

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