Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Actress Has Fans Gasping In Shock After Seeing This Photo

Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' Actress Has Fans Gasping In Shock After Seeing This Photo

Wasn't expecting this one...

Published January 15, 2019

Of the late King of Pop Michael Jackson’s globally-acclaimed discography and trailblazing creative works, his “Thriller” undertaking is among the most-renowned.

The mid-‘80s contemporary treasure is best recognized as one of the most groundbreaking moments of MJ’s musical legacy in all of its horror-themed, disco-dance-laden, short-film-doubling music video glory. But you can’t talk about “Thriller” without mentioning its leading lady Ola Ray, who plays the Michael’s love interest and unsuspecting victim of a zombie-starring dance of the dead.  

And in 2019, apparently, fans can’t look at Ms. Ola Ray without noticing some stark differences in her appearance that’s got them just as shook as she was by the end of the 13-minute “Thriller” visual.

  1. To refresh your memory, here’s the ‘Thriller’ video featuring Ola Ray back in ’83…
  2. And here’s what she looks like now…

    It doesn’t take an optometrist to see that there’s some clear differences in Ray’s complexion, which appears to be drastically lighter than what it was back then. And after the Twitterverse caught a glimpse of her, they’re all catching a double-take at what she now looks like 36 years later.

    See her comparative photo below, how fans felt about it, and more photos of Ola Ray in 2018-2019 below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: YouTube)


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