Future Has More To Say About Russell Wilson: 'I Don’t Hate Him'

Future Has More To Say About Russell Wilson: 'I Don’t Hate Him'

The Atlanta trap star says there was just one issue involving Baby Future...

Published January 24, 2019

Atlanta trap star Future’s shady sentiments toward Russell Wilson, devoted husband to Fewtch’s former R&B songstress fiancée Ciara and loving father to their children, sparked uproar between the FutureHive and Ciara fans last week for their first showdown of 2019.

In case you missed it, Future shared that the Seattle Seahawks star quarterback was being controlled by Cici, among other beliefs about their marital union. Fans spotted a possible rebuttal from the classier tastes of the “Level Up” songstress via Instagram, cueing Twitter-wide applause for Mrs. Wilson. Now, The WIZRD rapper has returned to another radio chair on Atlanta’s Hot 107.9 (which may look familiar to Jay-Z fans after Future’s statement on a certain confrontation that allegedly went down) to backpedal on his thoughts for the Wilsons.

  1. The host rather mistakenly asks whether Fewtch has issues with Russell ‘Westbrook,’…

    And later clarifies Russell Wilson—not the Washington Wizards NBA star. “Nah, we don’t have no problems,” he replied. When probed about the social media-spurred belief that he has a targeted hatred for Wilson, he denied that as well. “No I don’t hate him,” Fewtch continued. “Totally not the deal. It was just the way we were carrying it, as far as being handled with Baby Future."

  2. Future added that he has nothing against the Wilsons, and actually, is quite happy for them

    After all, the “Mask Off” rapper said, he wouldn’t want any bitterness towards them to block his own blessings. If Fewtch really means that, let’s hope the Wilburns and Wilsons can keep this same energy for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

    Hear his new thoughts on Russell in the interview below. 

Written by BET Staff

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