T.I. Posted His Official Atlanta Super Bowl Rules That Every White NFL Fan Needs To Read

ATLANTA, GA - OCTOBER 08:  Rapper T.I. attends his Harris Community Worksà Voter Registration Drive and Community Cookout on October 8, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images)

T.I. Posted His Official Atlanta Super Bowl Rules That Every White NFL Fan Needs To Read

*Runs yellow highlighter across No. 4*...

Published January 29, 2019

Hear ye, hear ye, NFL fans!

Unless you’ve been living beneath a rock, you’ve probably already heard the news that this year’s Super Bowl LIII will go down at the grand home turf of the Atlanta Falcons: the Mercedes-Benz Stadium. The field action is set to kick off on February 3 where dozens of diehard sports fans will flood the Gate City of the South to watch the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams tackle, toss and contend for the championship crown.

Along with other ATL-bred celebrities, the self-dubbed King of the South and Atlanta trap music frontier T.I. is preparing himself for the arrival of the city’s colossal sports event. And though the Trouble Man himself doesn’t mind welcoming with open arms all of the new faces that the Super Bowl will draw to his city, there are a few guidelines for The A that every out-of-towner will need to follow before touching down. 

That means you too, MAGA hat-wearers.

  1. In an Instagram post, Tip ran down his hilarious list of 11 simple rules applied to those visiting ATL for the festivities

    Generally, the rules are pretty straightforward. But there are some communal considerations that might not come as naturally to ATL visitors, such as “anybody can sell you parking” and “the weed man never answers the phone.” For those who plan on venturing into Atlanta’s nightlife scene, there’s some safety measures in Tip’s list too. “These women a rob you before the n**gaz do,” rule No. 3 reads, and “if you don’t pay your stripper she will fight you,” reads rule No. 11.

  2. There’s also some geographical and environmental information that might be helpful to some NFL fans…

    Such as, “this is a black city white ppl don’t start yo sh**,” he informed in rule No. 4. And for everyone, it’s probably a good idea to stay away from the west side of the A (Tip doesn’t elaborate any further on that rule, but we don’t advise you go attempting to find out).

    “Now may the culture commence,” he captioned the post.

    You heard the man, folks!

    See Tip’s Super Bowl survival guide for The A in the post below.

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    Now may the culture commence ....

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Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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