Remy Ma Goes Tf Off On Chris Brown’s Rape Accuser: 'The B**ch Is Broke!'

Remy Ma Goes Tf Off On Chris Brown’s Rape Accuser: 'The B**ch Is Broke!'

“These females that are coming out lying, there are no repercussions!”

Published February 5, 2019

Bronx femcee Remy Ma is joining the Team Breezy crowd in defense against the Paris woman who accused Chris Brown of raping her last month.

The accusation resulted in a two-day arrest of the R&B mogul along with two of his associates and outrage from Breezy supporters who held just as tightly to their assurance of his innocence as he did. Upon his release, stemming from lack of evidence of the woman’s claims and following investigation, Chris repurposed the overseas calamity into cash by releasing a new line of merch of his Black Pyramid clothing empire that sent direct shots at the accuser: “This B**ch Lyin” T-shirts. The creative impulse received backlash from a few people who argued that the T-shirts could be maliciously used against real victims of sexual violence, however, deeming Chris’s move as tone-deaf. But Remy doesn’t see it that way. In fact, she believes the T-shirts are the perfect means of retribution for false rape accusers.

  1. ‘These females that are coming out lying, there are no repercussions!’ she said from her ‘State of the Culture’ co-host seat…

    According to the “Melanin Magic” artist, suing her for defamation wouldn’t be enough.

    “Okay he’s gonna sue her—the b**ch is broke!” Remy continued. “It’s not even gonna affect nobody! She ain’t got no f**king money!” She believes that had the woman kept the accusation going, Chris would end up needing to shell out money for lawyers and flights to Paris to handle the legal issue anyway.

  2. For her, the only means of settling the score would be to put her lies on a shirt…

    And thus, Chris is justified in selling the merch, according to her. Remy would even rock one herself, she concluded, and told Breezy to feel free to ship her one. The Terror Squad First Lady fell on the unpopular opinion of her SOTC counterparts however, as other co-hosts like Joe Budden pointed out that the merch was tone-deaf in the current climate of real rape and sexual violence accusations coming to light. Remy’s closing statement to that: She said what she said.

    See the full conversation and the rest of the episode’s hot industry topics below.

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Essence, Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images)


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