Ja Rule's Latest Business Move Has Fans Terrified Of A 'Fyre Fest' Part Two

MIAMI, FL - FEBRUARY 22:  Ja Rule performs onstage at James L Knight Center on February 22, 2018 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Johnny Louis/Getty Images)

Ja Rule's Latest Business Move Has Fans Terrified Of A 'Fyre Fest' Part Two

"Fool me once..."

Published February 7th

After the catastrophic sh** show better known as the Ja Rule and mega-fraudster Billy McFarland-founded “Fyre Festival,” it’s completely understandable why most fans would be rather skeptical of any other entrepreneurial investments from the New York rapper and entrepreneur.  

That didn’t stop him from endeavoring on yet another business venture for 2019 anyway, which he’s taking on with a new digital application that echoes the very function of the former FYRE App: Ice Connect (ICONN). Promoting the newly-titled creation on Twitter, ICONN is a music talent booking app purposed to match performing artists to everyday fans—the exact goal of the FYRE app. "Ice Connect, known as Iconn is a celebrity entertainment booking & concierge service created by industry veterans," the official website details. "We are working to solve the decades-old problems that entertainers have had with negotiating terms, executing agreements and getting paid." Sound familiar?

For everyone who’s seen either one of the competing documentaries from Hulu and Netflix around the Fyre Festival fiasco, it should. The aforementioned FYRE app was the basis for which the entire Fyre Festival was built upon. Thanks to the fraud expertise of the currently convicted McFarland, the original FYRE digital app shipwrecked straight into the ground in the aftermath of the music fest’s flop. Now that Ja has absolved himself of the blunder and is independently rebranding and repurposing the app, fans are refusing to be fooled again:

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Johnny Louis/Getty Images)


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