J. Cole Offers A Harrowing Message To White And Black Women In 'Middle Child' Video

J. Cole Offers A Harrowing Message To White And Black Women In 'Middle Child' Video

*Paging all "baby hair" appropriators*

Published February 25, 2019

Dreamville leader and North Carolina’s hip-hop treasure J. Cole finally dropped off the music video for his internet-detonating “Middle Child” single, and it looks like white America and SoundCloud clout-chasers might need to have a seat for this one.

The dark, murky visual is riddled with symbolism as Cole stands isolated in the midst of several backdrop sceneries, including a rooting Black audience and dead bodies covered in sheets with nothing but their muddied shoes showing. Throughout the rest of the video, we see Cole’s lyrics come to life as he rides dirty with three other rap talents of his label clique, Cozz, Omen and Lute, who wildly steers their Dreamville-flagged Wraith through swampy pools of mud. The three taxidermies of rappers’ heads mounted on his cabin’s walls in the next scene is self-explanatory enough. But in case you didn’t catch it, the labeling plaques beneath them, each reading “Your Favorite Rapper,” “This Could Be You” and “Ask For A Feature” should then provide all the context a millennial rap fan should need.

One of the most poignant and resonating symbolisms arrives at the end though, featuring a flawlessly melanated Black woman twerking away by the fireplace in Cole’s cabin. Her beauty and Afrocentric features are so striking that it’s not just spotted by a blue-eyed, blonde-haired white woman who enters the cabin (and immediately eyes the woman’s baby hairs), but literally store-bought by the white woman in the next scene, screaming an exacting message to the process of cultural appropriation and trivialization of Black women.

Inarguably, Cole did the internet in once again with the visual, and Dreamville fans everywhere are nudging Black and white women alike for his latest 2019 prophecy. 

Welp, they asked to see the GOAT, so...

See their amazement and any other visual denotations you can catch from the official "Middle Child" video below:

Written by BET Staff

(Photos from left: Kevin Mazur/WireImage, YouTube)


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