Offset Dropped Major Surprises On ‘The Ellen Show' And We Can't Stop Looking

Offset Dropped Major Surprises On ‘The Ellen Show' And We Can't Stop Looking

See some of the warmest and most hilarious surprises he revealed on the show (and his adorable special guest!).

Published March 22, 2019

In his first-ever solo sit-down with Ellen DeGeneres, Atlanta trapateer Offset shared the intricate elements of life as a million-dollar-grossing trap star, husband of Bronx femcee Cardi B and father of four adorable little ones.

‘Set touched on most of these subject matters in recent interviews and with the release of his titular Father of 4 album back in February. From righting the wrongs of his infidelities, to his depressingly estranged relationship with his own father, 2019 emerged an introspective, honest and sophisticated Offset like fans had never seen him before. Thus, it’s only right that his next candid conversation take place on none other than The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he became even more candid about fatherhood, celebrityhood, and just as importantly, manhood.

  1. ‘I love my wife so it's serious, not a game to me,’ he said of his making-up with Cardi

    Ellen posed the question about fan speculation that he was simply trying to get back in the Invasion of Privacy femcee’s good graces for a publicity stunt. He explained that with their sometimes conflicting schedules, he couldn’t “give that break between time,” and thus, needed to resort to different measures in winning back the love of his life. “So, it’s my forefront—I’ll step to it as a man and say I’m wrong,” he said. “I’ll step to it as a man—and you don’t have to take me back, but I just want you to know I love you, and I care and I’m putting it all on the table.” This was in the same vain that he proposed to Bardi as well, which he said was a testament for everyone to know he’s not hiding his affection for her.

    Offset admitted that the criticisms he received from the gestures were somewhat afflictive for him too, though, and speaks to a larger issue within manhood. “It's just me being vulnerable, I guess, and it kinda bit me with the response of the people," he said. "But that's why our men don't be trying to be vulnerable,” he said. “Because when you do it, it's like— ah, there's something wrong with it either way.” As we’ve seen from ‘Set’s valiant attempts to win back his wifey, he’s also not bashful about bearing gifts, which he hilariously did for Ellen with a fat stack of cash that he pulled from a bag.

    But the gifts didn’t stop there. The real surprise was Offset’s insanely adorable son Kody, who walked out from backstage carrying a $25,000 check for Ellen and her humanitarian efforts.

  2. After discussing his first exchange with Ellen and his car crash, Offset also discussed his relationship with his father…

    A relationship that he’s been working over the years to repair, though he’s unfortunately had no success due to his father’s resistance. "I have a father that I don't know of," he revealed. "He still runs away from it. I don't get it. I've invited him on interviews and all types of TV just to get in contact and he's still dodging." Though he’s not yet mended their relationship, Offset felt it imperative to address the mistakes of fatherhood and the significance of rebuilding that role, no matter how many mistakes a father may have made. 

    Kudos to you, ‘Set!

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: YouTube/ The Ellen Show)


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