Will.i.am Calls People Who Are Muting Michael Jackson ‘Hypocritical And Fake’

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Will.i.am Calls People Who Are Muting Michael Jackson ‘Hypocritical And Fake’

The musician spoke up in support of MJ’s legacy following ‘Leaving Neverland.’

PUBLISHED ON : MARCH 30, 2019 / 07:33 PM

The latest celebrity to vocalize his support for Michael Jackson following the damaging Leaving Neverland documentary about the music icon is producer will.i.am.

The former Black Eyed Peas artist had a few things to say about society’s response to allegations that MJ molested children. According to the Mirror, the rapper/singer spoke to a publication and shared his thoughts about his getting rid of his close friend’s music.

“We live in a very, very, very, very hypocritical, double-standard, fake society. I can name a thousand other products that we still buy, still use, that are owned by folks that have done the most horrendous things to people, millions of them, and we don’t take their products from the market. You’re not talking about banning Bayer that made the chemicals to kill all the Jews.”

It’s safe to say that will.i.am is not buying what the movie was giving.

ICYMI: The allegations of sexual abuse against the late Michael Jackson has been so controversial that many of the television and radio stations have pulled his music and other materials from their programming. A spokesperson for MediaWorks confirmed to CNBC by email that Jackson’s songs are not currently on any of its stations’ playlists.

The rapper continued, “You’re not talking about real s**t and yet you want to flex on a song? Bayer is really responsible for chemicals that killed millions of people but they’re headache medicine now. Are you going to ridicule them for their past? Are there reparations that need to be done for that?” He added, “Imagine every country that ever had slaves, people said never travel to those countries because of what they’ve done in the past.”

“Are you not supposed to do anything with anyone who ever did anything ill in the past? England, Spain, Portugal. That’s not that long ago. Are there reparations for everyone who’s done something ill? I could name a thousand more ills that are worse but we’re going to pull songs,” he asked.

will.i.am, real name, Will Adams, made it clear that he was not in support of abuse of any kind. He stated, “If he did it, it’s sad and inhumane. If he didn’t, what’s happening is sad, and inhumane. And for somebody that knows him, you’re torn. You have the doc. Your heart wants to believe them but they’re on record lying so how am I supposed to trust that?”

Needless to say, many people are torn when it comes to letting go of the icon’s music and keeping his memory alive. What do you think of will.i.am opinion?

Written by BET Staff

(Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images)


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