Game Drives Through Nipsey Hussle's Neighborhood Breaking Down In Tears

Game Drives Through Nipsey Hussle's Neighborhood Breaking Down In Tears

“I can’t f**king sleep! I’m disgusted by this sh**!”

Published April 1, 2019

As we continue to uplift the family of fallen hip-hop soldier, icon, altruist and artist Nipsey Hussle in prayer, we hold his brothers-in-rhyme who held the Victory Lap rapper closest inside of their hearts up, too.

The hip-hop community became deluged with devastation and heartache amid the news of Nipsey’s passing on Sunday (March 31) as fans and friends flooded social media with tributes, homage and parting words. Eulogies and reflections of his most memorable moments granted comfort to Nipsey’s industry counterparts blessed enough to have called him a brother, such as his fellow West Coast flagbearer, The Game. He posted his words of love and remembrance for the 33-year-old in a brotherly photo of the two casually hanging out on a sunny day. Sadly, Nipsey’s death appears to be hitting the Compton rap heavyweight harder as reality of the excruciating loss sets in, and he took to Instagram to share more heartbreaking thoughts on the matter.

  1. Game posted a video of himself riding through Nipsey’s stomping grounds: South Central L.A.’s Slauson Ave

    He notes in the video that it’s 4 a.m., and Nipsey’s death is sitting so heavily on him that it induced a case of insomnia. “Why n**gas do the homie like that man?” Game says in the clip before emotionally breaking down. “At hos motherf**king stop? In his own f**king hood man? Just trying to do good for n**gas, man!” Game keeps a straight course on the road as he vents about the tragic fall of the Slauson Ave-native.

  2. ‘I can’t even f**king sleep, man, I’m disgusted by this sh**!’ he continues…

    “That’s how y’all do the homie? In his own city, in his own hood?” Like many others, Game found the irony of Nipsey’s fate sickening after being gunned down in front of the Marathon Clothing store that he built for his hometown. Before the video ends, Game bitterly expresses his fury for the assassination occurring on him and Nipsey’s home soil.

    “L.A. on some bullsh**, man!” he cries out. “That’s on me!”

    See Game’s heart-shattering message on Nipsey’s death in the post below as we keep him and all others affected by this tragedy lifted in prayer:

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Amanda Edwards/WireImage, Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic)


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