50 Cent Had Scorching Words For A Fan Who Asked Him About Nipsey Hussle

50 Cent Had Scorching Words For A Fan Who Asked Him About Nipsey Hussle

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Published April 2, 2019

As the overwhelming majority of hip-hop publicly grieves the devastating fate of one of its most cherished, L.A.’s rap noble Nipsey Hussle, there are still some of his closest industry counterparts who have chosen to mourn privately.

For now, Queens hip-hop heavyweight 50 Cent is one of them, which he bluntly enlightened a fan of via Instagram. The probing commenter apparently found it odd that among Fif’s several posts, he’d not yet addressed Nipsey’s death, leaving her to question whether he knew the Victory Lap rapper. In only the bluntest way Fif’s Instagram followers might expect, he informed her that he did know Nipsey, but wouldn’t let her nor anyone else pressure him into speaking out on the passing before he’s ready to.

  1. 'Yeah I know Nipsey b**ch,' he replied to the fan...

    "I'll say something when I'm ready. Get the f**k outta here." 

    On the contrary, several others have been vocal about their devastation following Nipsey's death, such as another West Coast rap luminary, Game. Taking a night drive through Nipsey's Slauson neighborhood, the Born to Rap artist emotionally broke down while speaking on his crushing fate. The South Central locale is now not only historic as Nipsey's birthplace, but ironically, the place of his death as well, which Game denounced in the video. 

  2. BET continues to lift Nipsey's family and friends in prayer during this time. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photos from left: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images, Amanda Edwards/Getty Images)


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