YG Posts Devastating Message On Nipsey Hussle: ‘I’m Not Never Accepting It’

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YG Posts Devastating Message On Nipsey Hussle: ‘I’m Not Never Accepting It’

"I’m lost homie..."

Published April 3rd

After taking his time to privately mourn the passing of beloved hip-hop artist and philanthropy leader Nipsey Hussle, Compton’s very own YG has now revealed his tribunal words to him in an endearing Instagram post.

YG, who was one of Nipsey’s closest collaborators and brother-in-rhyme, quietly appeared for the first memorial held at Nipsey’s Marathon Clothing store in L.A. The “FDT” rapper snapped a picture among the pictures, signs, candles, flowers and other memorabilia honoring the fallen 33-year-old. In his post for Nipsey, YG acknowledged that it took a while for him to post his acknowledgement of his death simply because he wasn’t ready to accept it. But now that the reality of the tragic loss is setting in, he’s sharing his most memorable moments and fondest words with the rest of mourning fans and the shaken hip-hop community.

  1. YG posted a throwback picture with Nipsey, presumably from when they were first wetting their feet in the rap game

    As his fellow hip-hop West Coaster, he reminisced on their rise from the L.A. trenches and all the conversations they’d had about it. “Lost for words kuz I got so many of em,” he wrote. “We went thru so much sh**  together tryna make it out of LA with this rap sh**, but we always got thru it then talked about it & after we talked. We laughed!” YG respected Nipsey as a big brother for all those years, which only further explains his loss for words amid the passing. “I took so long to post you kuz I kant believe this sh**,” he continued. “I don’t wanna believe this sh**. I’m not never accepting it. IDGAF what nobody say. It wasn’t yo time to go I’m lost homie.”

  2. He revealed that along with Nipsey’s ascending rap run, he also had more projects in mind that the two discussed

    Despite them never nailing down their ventures, YG lightheartedly mentioned, he understood how ingrained Nipsey’s heart was in his music. “If n**gaz know NIP then n**gaz know bro got his own recording process,” he wrote. “He rather start doin music at 10am 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.” He ensured that they would have gotten around to it one day, though. “D*mn bro, I’m sick,” he continued. “The sh** we had is forever bro! THE WORLD DIDN’T KNOW WHAT THEY HAD TILL YOU WAS GONE I BEEN KNEW!”

  3. BET continues to lift the family and friends of Nipsey Hussle up in prayer. 

Written by Diamond Alexis

(Photo: Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for EA NBA Live 19)


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