YFN Lucci Is Not Letting Go Of Reginae Carter

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YFN Lucci Is Not Letting Go Of Reginae Carter

The rapper doubles down on comments he previously made about his on-again, off-again boo.

Published April 14, 2019

YFN Lucci’s relationship with Reginae Carter is rocky at best. The latest transgressions doesn’t bode well for the couple’s long term viability.

Just days ago, Lucci tweeted out something many considered a red flag, writing, "This girl said I don't make her feel safe.” His reaction to her cry for security is what likely set things off between them as he added, "U should leave me then because your life is wayyyyy more important than this relationship."

  1. Now, the rapper’s once again raising eyebrows from his Instagram Live and channeling a problematic message he’s already relayed once. “When she come back, I’m going to keep that m****rf****r lockdown 360, keep it smooth. She leave me? F**k it,” Lucci said while holding a bottle of Hennessy. "No feelings… I won't ever have no feelings ever again. Feel me, that's on my mama."

    Also, during his IG Live session, Lucci mentioned calling Reginae until she’d take him back if that’s what it takes. These comments come after an IG post Lucci recently made claiming, “You think IMA let you leave me GIRL WE STUCK TOGETHER,” which many believe echoed a toxic dynamic in their relationship.

    Reginae responded to the critics with some ambiguity. Rather than directly address the controversy, she simply posted a picture on her IG of YFN Lucci hugging her and the caption, “Explain our love ? I don’t need to ..” The post was later deleted.

Written by BET Staff

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