J-Boog Is The Real Reason Raz B Left The Millennium Tour, According To Sources

J-Boog Is The Real Reason Raz B Left The Millennium Tour, According To Sources

A picture of a rather awkward moment between the two has raised suspicions...

Published May 13th

According to alleged inside sources, there could be R&Beef brewing between B2K's Raz B & J-Boog.

Despite the group's epic comeback for the 2019 Millennium Tour, it's possible the popular R&B quartet may finish the remainder of the tour as a trio.

  1. On Friday, B2K's official social media page released a statement announcing that Raz B would not be moving forward with the Florida leg of their tour. "To Our Fans, Raz B has made the brave decision to take some time off to focus on his health and well-being, and will not be performing at the Florida dates of The Millennium Tour,"  the statement opened up. It then went on to wish their "brother" Raz B well on his journey to better health. "We send our love and full support to our brother as he embarks on this self-care journey. We love you all and can’t wait to see you in Jacksonville! Love, B2K.”

  2. News of Raz's absence from the Florida dates come shortly after his arrest one week ago after an alleged domestic assault in Minnesota. While it hasn't been confirmed yet what may have possibly motivated Raz B's recent departure, Bossip reports that a source recently revealed that trouble has been slowly boiling between B and Boog. "One of his fellow members has been trolling Raz B, who suffers from extreme PTSD," the source told Bossip. Bossip also reported that the source claims Boog antagonized Raz B as recently as last month. At the B2K "Meet and Greet" in Houston, Boog is photographed wearing a T-shirt that reads, "I don't feel safe."  While it hasn't been confirmed whether Boog's shirt was an intentional dig at Raz, the phrase is a word-for-word quote from a now deleted Instagram post, where Raz B said he felt unsafe from concerns that Chris Stokes was around the tour.

    “I don’t feel safe because I feel like Chris Stokes is around,” he revealed to fans.

  3. For those unaware, Stokes and Raz B's history has long been marred by Raz's ongoing accusations of child molestation against him. Stokes, who is also Raz B's older cousin, has long denied the allegations. While many also suspect that the abuse rumors is what divided the popular 2000's music group, J-Boog has remained close friends with Stokes over the years, further fueling rumors that his recent choice in fashion at the Houston Meet and Greet was a jab at Raz.

    “I’m not sure why more people don’t seem to realize that Boog is close friends and business partners with Chris Stokes,” the insider allegedly disclosed with Bossip.

    In the meantime, while fans may not have a chance to see Raz on stage, they may be able to catch him on the their screens. Recently it was reported that Raz B would be the next B2K member to join the Love and Hip Hop franchise, following in the footsteps of former group mates Lil' Fizz and Omarion.

Written by Soraya "Sojo" Joseph

(Photos from left: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage, Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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