R. Kelly's Daughter Allegedly Drops Out Of College After He Stops Paying Tuition

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R. Kelly's Daughter Allegedly Drops Out Of College After He Stops Paying Tuition

Sources claim Kelly's team has responded to the report with an explanation.

Published May 13th

R.Kelly made headlines last week after paying ex-wife Andrea Lee back child support for their three children.

Now, Kelly and Lee's daughter, Joann Lee, also known as Buku, has recently come forward claiming she is no longer enrolled in college due to her father's failure to make payments on her tuition, TMZ reports.

  1. According to TMZ, up until fall 2018, the 21-year-old was attending a California art school. Lee alleges that when she tried enrolling for classes for the following semester, she was denied due to an outstanding bill.

    The publication also reports that the 52-year-old R&B singer stopped paying for the apartment Lee lived in while she was attending school. According to Kelly's child support agreement with Lee, he’s ordered to pay for their eldest daughter's tuition and additional school finances per the details of the documents obtained by the news outlet.

  2. Darrell Johnson, who is Kelly's crisis manager, responded to reports with a statement to TMZ that the father and singer is required to pay for Lee's education upon receipt of her billing statements and expenses, but claims the singer never received them. This led to Kelly’s believing his daughter had dropped out of school on her own.

    Last week, Kelly's ex-wife and Lee's mom made a statement after being awarded nearly $62,500 in back pay by the 12 Play singer. "All I can say is, this is a victory for my children,” she said. “I'm a mother who stands at the [gap] for my children, and he has shared responsibility to take care of his children and I will fight for my children until the end."

  3. Kelly's lawyer, Lisa Damico, also spoke to reporters after the hearing, stating, “[R.Kelly's] not a deadbeat dad. All he wants to do is do right by his kids."

Written by Soraya "Sojo" Joseph

(Photo: Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)


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