Ice T Almost Shot An Amazon Delivery Driver, And Here's Why

Ice T

Ice T Almost Shot An Amazon Delivery Driver, And Here's Why

He had advice Amazon should seriously consider.

Published May 22nd

As Ice T fans would know, the veteran New Jersey rapper holds nothing back, and is often quick to call it like he sees it. His Twitterverse gems are our personal sources for some of the best dad jokes on the internet, photos of his adorable pit bulls, solid life advice and an occasional clapback here and there.

But on Tuesday (May 21), the OG rap artist had some strong words for Amazon after a close call with one of their drivers. Here's what went down.

  1. The former rapper said that he nearly shot a delivery driver who "was creeping up to [his] crib last night."

    Ice T mistook the driver as a random person off the street, as the driver was not wearing anything that signified he was dropping off the delivery on behalf of Amazon. He just noticed someone near his house dressed in regular street clothes, which led to him nearly firing off a weapon at the individual.

    The "Lethal Weapon" rapper didn't hesitate to put Amazon on blast for not doing more to ensure the safety of delivery drivers, stating "that sh** ain't safe." He offered some solid advice that the e-commerce giant should seriously consider: give drivers a vest that says "AMAZON DELIVERY." 

  2. According to their Twitter response, Amazon got his message. The question now might be whether they heard it loud enough. The retailer's vice president of operations, Dave Clark, and their Amazon Help account directly responded to Ice-T's initial tweet, which was packed with fans roasting them in the comments and piling on more complaints for the treatment of delivery drivers by the company.

Photo: Virginia Sherwood/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)


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