Rapper Boogie Headlined A Mental Health Awareness Party in Compton

Rapper Boogie west coast sign at concert

Rapper Boogie Headlined A Mental Health Awareness Party in Compton

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Published May 30th

Written by Soraya Sojo Joseph

Securing your peace is the real bag, and mental health is the real wealth. That's one message Compton-bred rapper Boogie got across this weekend, with the help of a few VIBs (Very Important Black people).

Recently (May 26) West-coast rapper Boogie, along with Compton Mayor Aja Brown, Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullors and Trap Heals founder Damon Turner, hosted a mental health awareness party in Compton, California. The first annual, family-friendly event was designed to bring ongoing awareness to mental health, as well as help reverse the stigma surrounding such issues within the Black community.

Photo: Giovanni Solis

The Everythings for Sale rapper performed a few of his current hits during his set, including "Silent Ride" and "Sunroof." The LVRN artist has been very vocal about advocating for mental health, even recently opening up during an interview with  Billboard magazine about his own struggle with depression:

"I'm definitely in my head a lot, and I'm definitely sad a lot of the times as well," Boogie told Billboard. "It's been nice through, this process over the past couple of years. I cried a lot, and I think my main thing with it was was not telling people. Hopefully, with the stuff with people losing their lives over the past year -- I know it's sad, but hopefully, it could teach people that you can talk about it, and open up to your friends and not be scared to tell people that you're hurting," he said.

"My position on it is that it's a very serious thing right now," the 29-year-old artist continued. "Check on your people no matter if you think they're strong or they're weak. Always check on them and never take it lightly."

The event, hosted by Cullors, closed out a month-long campaign by the BLM co-founder and Reform L.A. Jails chairperson, who helped lead a number of healing, self-care initiatives throughout the month of May.

According to the committee's main site, Reform L.A. Jails (founded by Cullors, who is also the organization's chairperson) was "formed to support a 2020 county-wide ballot initiative to grant the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department Civilian Oversight Commission with subpoena power to effectively and independently investigate misconduct and to develop a plan to reduce jail populations and to redirect the cost savings into alternatives to incarceration."

Check out the full video recap from the event, and more photos from the ceremonious affair, below:

Photo: Giovanni Solis
Photo: Giovanni Solis
Photo: Giovanni Solis
Photo: Giovanni Solis

Photo Source: (Header: Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images, Inline: Photos by Giovanni Solis)


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