Cardi B’s Brutal ‘Press’ Song Has The Bardi Gang In A State Of Emergency

Cardi B’s Brutal ‘Press’ Song Has The Bardi Gang In A State Of Emergency

Talk about clap back anthem of the year.

Published May 31st

When Cardi B first popped up on the scene, many chalked it up to her social media acumen that made her more of a mainstay on our Instagram feeds than the music charts. For better or worse, her openness on social media has been central to her rise as a rapper, which has come with a lot of baggage.


  1. She most recently called out blogs on Offset’s track “Clout” in reference to her recent row with the entertainment outlet.

    I should run a whole blog at this rate / They using my name for clickbait,” she rapped.

    It wouldn’t be remiss to say that the Bronx native has been through the media wringer

    Now in her latest single, “Press” – which dropped at midnight on Friday (May 31) – Bardi took full aim against her critics and naysayers.

    Leading up to the release of her latest single, she made it clear where she stood with the media, painting herself as a defendant against a press gone wild in black-and-white photos. In a set of photos that recreate her highly publicized court appearance, Cardi B is shown walking out the courthouse naked in cuffs as paparazzi swarm her in one of the shots.


  2. Press, press, press, press, press / Cardi don't need more press / Kill 'em all, put them h**s to rest / Walk in, bulletproof vest / Please tell me who she gon' check / Murder scene, Cardi made a mess,” she raps in the chorus.

    The “Money” rapper takes aim at everything and doesn’t miss a shot in her fiery 2-minute long denunciation against the gossip that has followed since her rise to the top.

    Fans have been anticipating “Press” ever since Cardi first teased it on her Instagram. See the Bardi Gang’s reaction and listen to the new release below.


Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photo: Screenshot via YouTube)


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