Videos Surface Of 50 Cent In Heated Altercation With This Rapper Who Approached Him During A Date

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 09:  Actor/Rapper 50 Cent is seen outside Good Morning America on May 9, 2019 in New York City.  (Photo by Raymond Hall/GC Images)

Videos Surface Of 50 Cent In Heated Altercation With This Rapper Who Approached Him During A Date

As shown in the footage, the exchange almost came to blows after the rapper asks 50 this question.

Published June 6th

50 cent was just out trying to have a date night with his rumored beau, Black Ink Crew: Chicago star Nikki Nicole when an aspiring rapper and his friend apparently had other plans.

The two men caught up with Fifty and his date while they were out and about and almost caused a major scene. The Shade Room obtained footage of the nearly-physical altercation, sharing on Instagram for Thursday (June 6).

  1. In the first video, Fifty — who is dressed in a red checkered shirt and khaki cargo pants — is seen talking with a younger man dressed in a white pullover and blue jeans. An accomplice of the younger man is filming the whole incident as they try to get Fifty's attention.

    At the start, the conversation doesn't seem to be too serious. The video starts with two men, one off camera, pestering 50 cent about checking out their music.

    The two persist as the Power actor tries to get on with his business. When the 43-year-old moves to go by the man shown on video, he appears to go up behind him and say something that upsets Fifty.

    “You gon’ hit me? Come on. You gon hit me because I tell you I got talent?” the man can be heard shouting when Fifty turns around to face him. The man also appears to briefly square up with the Power star as well. 

  2. In a second video, the unnamed man continues to plead his case.

    “Look my IG at least,” he bargains.

    When Fifty refuses to look, the younger man tries to rope the rapper into a fight to prove his point. It seems like the two almost come to blows when Fifty tells them to “turn the tape off.”

    “I believe in my sh**. I put money behind my sh**,” the aspiring rapper proclaims.

    “He just wanted you to see his Instagram, man” the person who is filming the whole incident interjects.

    I think it’s obvious to say that interrupting Fifty’s date night was not the money move to get put on.

    “Are you crazy?” Fifty eventually questions the two hecklers. “You’re ah** is not going to work. You know why? ‘Cause you stupid. The way you approaching it is wrong.” The camera pans to the ground and ends abruptly before we can hear the final verdict. It's safe to say, however,  they did not win Fifty over with their antics.

Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photo: Raymond Hall/GC Images)


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