50 Cent And Trey Songz Continue Their Hotel Trolling Wars

50 Cent And Trey Songz Continue Their Hotel Trolling Wars

Wait until you see how this round ended...

Published June 11th

50 Cent and Trey Songz are still up to their hotel shenanigans, and the scoreboard is now leaning in Trigga's favor. 

After a weekend of club-hopping and popping champagne, the two had a little fun horsing around with each other after turning up at the Tycoon Weekend Pool Party. Fifty kicked things off this time, waking up in his petty boots early Tuesday morning (June 11).

  1. In a video posted on his Instagram, the G-Unit boss can be heard teasing a woman who claimed she was hanging out with Trey’s crew. He asked her what she and Trigga were up to after she seemingly showed up at his room unexpectedly, as it appears in the video.

    “You was just in Trey Songz’ room?” Fifty asked. “I’m going up there right now.”

    He spins the situation around, taking it as another opportunity to troll Trey. Playfully, he walks the unidentified woman back to Trey’s room. Unfortunately for him, Trigga was absent, which left Fifty with nothing better to do than go back to his own room.

    Trey: 1, Fifty: 0.


  2. “Y’all let Fofty come to my room and just come in my room?” Trey Songz said once he heard the news.

    “He came politely,” a man explains off camera.

    Trey is then shown inside an elevator heading elsewhere.

    “I think they’re scared of Fifty," Trey said. "I love this n***a, but y’all can’t be letting him come to my room, though,” Trey said as he walked down a hallway. The video skips to Trigga rolling up onto the rapper’s room when he spots a red-bottomed nude heel lying abandoned in front of 50 Cent’s room.

    “Oh, sh**t," he said. "I’m outside Fof’s room. It’s Cinderella in this b***h,” Trigga said, sounding surprised. An even more surprised Fifty opens the door before Trey barges in looking for his lady friend before the video cuts off.

    I think we can concede round two to Trey as well. The question now is whether Fif will go for a third trolling round. After all, they do say third time's a charm.

    Watch the hilarious exchange below:


Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photo: Prince Williams/Wireimage and Prince Williams/WireImage)


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