50 Cent Accused Bow Wow Of This Hilarious Violation At The Strip Club

50 Cent Accused Bow Wow Of This Hilarious Violation At The Strip Club

“Get him before I kill him.”

Published June 13th

Bow Wow is the latest celeb to find himself on 50 Cent’s ever-growing list of celebrities who owe him money after a night of partying gone hilariously wrong (for Bow, at least).

The rap mogul is now demanding the 32-year-old pay him $1,000 by Monday.

  1. Fifty reportedly handed out cash from his own pocket to other celebrities for them to toss at strippers. He claims that Bow Wow stole $1,000 of that money.

    Late last night, Fifty posted a black-and-white video he grabbed from Bow Wow’s Instagram Stories on June 12.

    The G-Unit boss man went on to claim that the money shown in the video was stolen from him after the two spent the night together partying it up at a strip club in Atlanta following the Tycoon Music Festival.

    “This little n**ga BOW WOW took the Money home with him. @antthaladiesman get him before I kill EM," Fif joked.

  2. Building on his case, the rap mogul posted another video of Bow Wow partying with comedian DC Young Fly. Stacks of cash are seen hanging out of his sweatpants. In the caption with the video, Fifty accuses Bow Wow of “stealing” the money shown.  

    “@jermainedupri what kinda sh** is this, you brought this n**ga around. He stealing the one’s,” Fifty wrote in the caption.  

    Shortly after that, 50 then followed up with a video of a towering stack of money belonging to him, which is where the alleged stolen money came from, being wheeled into the strip club on a dolly before the whole incident went down.  

    “We came there like this, Bow wow stealing ones, why the f*** you ain’t throw that to the dancers,” he demanded, writing that Bow Wow has until Monday to pay up.

  3. That same night, Bow Wow hit back against Fif's claim. In a video posted to his Instagram, he says that he brought his “own bag” of money to toss at strippers.

    “Man, I can’t believe this man capping like that. Come on, man,” the former child star insists as he wheels around to face the camera from inside what appears to be a studio. “I ain’t got to ask anybody for anything.”

    But, wait! There's a twist. Bow Wow ends the video saying he will cough up the cash to keep the peace. 

    “A thousand, bro? Alright Fif, you know you the homie,” he says as he begins to count through a band of bills. “If you want it that bad, call Ant. You know that’s bro. You know how to contact me. You know how to contact him. It’ll be to you in a matter of minutes. It’s nothing, bro.”

    Well, that was...unexpected.

Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photo: Prince Williams/Wireimage and Paras Griffin/Getty Images)


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