50 Cent Believes Father's Day Is ‘Not Really A Holiday’

50 Cent

50 Cent Believes Father's Day Is ‘Not Really A Holiday’

Well, in comparison to Mother's Day, that is...

Published June 17th

Instagram’s chief instigator 50 Cent is back to stir the pot.

The undisputed hip-hop bully has long showed that he’s not afraid to wade into topics on the taboo side of social media. But his latest hot take has the internet, and all of its fathers who celebrated their holiday on Sunday (June 16), seriously considering his words. 

  1. Taking to social media on Sunday (June 16), the media mogul lays out a serious case for why he thinks the nationally recognized annual occurrence of Father's Day deserves to be canceled. His reasoning is simple: Father’s Day isn't “really a holiday” when you compare it to Mother's Day.

    Clearly, it’s something Fif has spent a lot of time thinking about after providing evidence he believes is convincing enough for other fathers to co-sign his sentiments. 

  2. “Listen, Father’s Day is a holiday that’s not really a holiday,” Fifty plainly states before delving into his key evidence: Mother’s Day commercials versus Father’s Day commercials. In the G-Unit boss man’s eyes, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are not treated equally. 

    “Look at the commercials," he continued. "Father's Day, they show you a screwdriver, m*th*f**kin power tools. Go fix some s**t. They want to send you to go fix some s**t. When Mother's Day comes, the s**t be like Zales, 'Because you care.' It be different s**t, like niggas don't want diamonds.”

    To prove his case, Fiddy pointed out the disparate difference between gifts mothers typically receive in comparison to fathers.

    “Mother’s Day come, niggas is getting flowers, cards, all kinds of s**t, right?” 50 cent concludes. “What the f**k they Father’s Day? You get a text. You get a text to make sure that you still know where you should send your check."

  3. That's not to say Fif didn't indulge in the Father's Day festivities with his little one for the holiday, however. Shortly after airing his complaints, the Queens rapper posted an adorable photo of himself lovingly hugging his youngest son, Sire Jackson. 

  4. Well, does Fif have a point? Hear his thoughts below:

Written by Danielle Ransom

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