Cardi B Drops Brutally Wild ‘Press’ Music Video

Cardi B Drops Brutally Wild ‘Press’ Music Video

The femcee didn't hold back in the charged video.

Published June 26th

Pop up, guess who, b**ch? It’s Cardi B and after months of teasing, the rap star has finally dropped an eye-popping music video for her latest single, “Press,” on Wednesday (June 26). Cardi might not need any press but that’s exactly what’s she getting after dropping a titillating video rife with violence, nudity, and murder as she ruthlessly gets revenge on her enemies in a killing spree.

  1. Clocking in at 3-and-a-half minutes, the Jora Frantzis-directed video opens with a sultry ménage à trois-esque situation going on between a scantily clad Cardi B and a couple. The video then switches to Cardi alone in a bathroom puffing out a few smokes. With the cigarette in her mouth, the femcee cocks a pistol as the scene fades to black and two gunshots ring out.

    The next time we see her, the fabulously dressed rap star is being dragged inside a courthouse as rabid and deranged fans swarm her. As the opening bars come in, Cardi brings her lyrics to life. The camera pans to a wide shot to reveal an illusory nude Barbie-like Bardi, sans her bloody hands, saucily sauntering to the front of an all-women and equally nude entourage.

  2. The scene moves to the Afro-Latino rapper holding her own against two police officers as she flirtatiously toys with the increasingly frustrated cops. On the day of her trial, Cardi struts into the courtroom and takes the stand in an all-white  Hunger Games-esque ensemble.

    Unshaken by the officers’ interrogation, Cardi boldly stares down a menacing posse of judges and attorneys alongside an incensed courtroom as she awaits to hear the final verdict. At some point, Bardi snaps while at the stand and ends up murdering the key witnesses. As the lights flicker back on after the deed is done, the bloody scene seals her fate.

    Despite ultimately ending up behind bars, it’s Cardi who gets the last word with a trail of blood left in her wake as she ruthlessly delivers revenge on her enemies in a killing spree.

  3. “Press” is the second single from Cardi B’s pending sophomore album and it has the Bardi Gang charged up. See their reactions and watch the new release for yourself below.

Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photo: YouTube)


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