World Stop! Beyoncé Shuts Down The Grand Canyon To Film Music Video

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World Stop! Beyoncé Shuts Down The Grand Canyon To Film Music Video

Could it be for "The Lion King" soundtrack?

Published July 11, 2019

Could it be that Beyoncé is shooting a music video to accompany her Lion King single? Hours after releasing her song ”Spirit” off The Gift album that she executive produced for the live-action remake of the African story, Bey was spotted with a small production team in the Grand Canyon on Wednesday (July 10). 


  1. TMZ obtained footage shot from afar of the songstress filming in a blue dress backdropped by the majestic aquamarine waters of Havasu Falls as the sun shone down. In the clip, Bey is standing a few feet in the water as she is being filmed. She flew in by helicopter for the mysterious shoot where she filmed for a few hours.


  2. The area where Bey was filming is right next to an exclusive campsite that is a highly coveted camping destination. Anyone who wants to visit the area has to go through the Havasupai tribe, who owns the land. The tribe only approves 300 camping passes a day, with thousands turned away daily. But they made an exception to let Bey film. 

    Sources told the publication that Bey’s team worked out an agreement with the tribe to get access to their lands so she could film a music video. She had the whole area to herself for about five hours.

    The area was shut down and law enforcement officials were on hand to keep a crowd from a nearby campsite from gathering too close to where Bey was filming. 

    Blue Ivy might even be making an appearance in the video. The 7-year-old was spotted leaving the campgrounds and boarding the same chopper with Bey, who was shrouded in a bathrobe, after the shoot was done. A photo of Blue with her mom near the falls also surfaced on social media. 


  3. So far, it has not been revealed exactly what Queen Bey was shooting for, but we are waiting anxiously to see! Fans are over the moon that Bey might be generously gracing us with a music video for The Lion King. Can you feel the love?


Written by Danielle Ransom

(Photo: Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage)


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