Trippie Redd Posted This Hilarious Barack Obama Cosign That Almost Fooled Fans

 Trippie Redd performing at "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" on Wednesday, October 31 (Randy Holmes via Getty Images).

Trippie Redd Posted This Hilarious Barack Obama Cosign That Almost Fooled Fans

Trippy, indeed.

Published August 13th

Written by Danielle Ransom

Rap star Trippie Redd had the unfortunate draw of not only going up against Rick Ross during his second album’s debut week but also rock legends Slipknot. Suffice to say, the Quality Control signee’s sophomore follow-up to 2018’s Life’s a Trip is facing some serious competition on the charts. But the Ohio native isn’t letting it faze him, and even had a little fun with it.

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  1. On Sunday (August 13), Redd posted a photo to his Instagram on Sunday (August) encouraging fans to download and stream his album ! (which is an abbreviation for “immortal,” according to the Ohio native). The 20-year-old enlisted some celebrity star power of his own to promote his album with the cosign of the year that had some fans' jaws dropped to the floor in disbelief. 

    The rapper uploaded a picture of our “forever president” Barack Obama holding a copy of his latest album. The former head of state seemed to be giving the album his stamp of approval with a big grin on his face. The scenario is entirely plausible considering Obama is a big fan of rap. Let’s not forget that priceless moment when he was caught dancing along to “Hotline Bling.” 


    Some fans thought the photo was real until others broke it to them it was Photoshopped. To be fair, the photo is so realistic you’d almost fall for it… if it wasn’t for the fact that Obama hasn’t been in the Oval Office in two years. 

    “No way it’s photoshopped?” one commentator wrote. 

    “No way that’s crazy I can’t believe it I really thought it was real,” another commentator typed in disbelief.

    “Album was so heat Obama became president again,” one fan joked. 

    All in all, Trippie Redd’s album fared well on the charts. Complex predicts that Redd’s sophomore album will likely clock in at No. 3, which is one spot higher than his debut album.

(Photo: Randy Holmes via Getty Images)


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